Flowers in MIKOSHI place


Before, it seemed that it disliked woman's 
touching a portable shrine, 
but now, the shoulders of woman were increasing 
and the portable shrine place became brilliant.

Recently, there is a portable shrine to shoulder 
only by the woman in each place, too, and saying 
that there is a neighborhood association which 
is arranging only for the shoulders of the woman,
too, in that "Kanda festival"

Therefore,it made them "Floral in MIKOSHI place",
it organized a corner and it attempted to publish
 to have done a snapshot sometimes.

Pardon because I'm too shy(?) and it isn't never 
always possible to be always renewed by it.

She is vigorous early morning.
sakura hamaori
sakura hamaori
Smaily Sunflower girl! Young Girls "Kogal" of today, too.
sakura hamaori
Lady's Drum BandiKamakura festivalj Cool Garl in MIKOSHI's frontiOhoka festivalj
Tepposu hanakawado
This is the Flower-stick?(Tepposu) Handsome women (Hanakawado in Asakusa)
tenman hamaori
Wondeful! MIKOSHI ladies. it rather rests.
Saiwai Woman's MIKOSHI
She lead MIKOSHI men upon the MIKOSHI The women's MIKOSHI in Kamakura.
Women's MIKOSHI Kamakura
The women's MIKOSHI in New year festival The foreign woman take part in a festival, too.
benten camera lady
She is in earnest when shoulder HANA. She goes around the MIKOSHI places to take photograph of MIKOSHI's peoples.
Tekomai camera lady & Itiriki girl(?)
She is fascinatly with "TEKOMAI" mode. MIKOSHI sisters
Sanja ohoka"
Sanja Festival Shonan Girls
Gosyo Ebara
They are aid from the local bank. As for CHOICHOI, the big tempo and the pipe are attachment one.
Hamapri yukake
With the encouragement of the girl,the shoulders gets into swing,too. They are wet through by pouring hot springs' waters.