The Sake, the drinking and the liquor
         The page of the Sake !

The Sake of the recommendation
Shiragiku Pure rice's "Ginjo"

Shiragiku is Ginjo Sake which was made only with rice.
It is to do the favorite zmy which likes the taste of the thick liquor.
Moreover, it is inexpensive !
It is liquor in Ishikawa but it doesn't come too much at the shop.
It is the Sake which is the optimal for the crab and the pan food of the miso making.

The liquor of the 2nd recommendation

It is pure rice liquor in Kikuhime limited partnership "Kaga chrysanthemum liquor".
It is using 100% of YamadaNishiki's rice, but it has the thick taste which is different from the Echigo system with light taste.
It found at "the Osawa liquor store" which is in one corner in the Oumi market when doing traveling", 2 years before.
Though it was inexpensive liquor(possibly, were not by 2000 yen), the evaluation was high.
It looked in the neighborhood but it wasn't found out. If finding it, please tell me.

The tavern of the recommendation

Yokohama city (3 minutes of Yokohama station west side walking)
This tavern can have fresh seafood in the season with the fresh slice of raw fish and the briling.
Only, because the tavern is narrow ( because it is only a counter ), it has become all reserved immediately. However, it's the good tavern which the feeling settles.


Fujisawa City (10 minutes walking of Fujisawa station north side)
It is the tavern that the delicious grilled chicken and the reasonable price are appeal.
Because this tavern's president is a member of the MIKOSHI group in Fujisawa, the MIKOSHI goods stands in line and the MIKOSHI person concerned, too, comes well.
I, too, infest at this shop well.


Kawasaki city's Kashimada town(1 minute walking of Kashimada station on JR Nanbu Line) TEL044-544-3882
It is the tavern which is in doing the local of me.
Kawasaki's MIKOSHI persons, too, comes sometimes.
It is the domestic tavern where it is possible to drink at the reasonable price.
Sometimes, it is possible to drink rare sake, " Hanaizumi ", at this shop.
In the off season of MIKOSHI, it participates in the marathon race rally from this shop members.

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Please send me any information about the liquor or on the tavern..